BusinessReport CRM
Customer Relationship Management

Business Report CRM helps you build even better relations with your customers in business, marketing or after-sale maintenance.

MaintPlan CMMS
Maintenance Management System

MaintPlan CMMS shows you new ways to improve maintenance and service management in your business or organization

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The quality of our solutions is proven by many successful realizations for Slovak and foreign companies from utilities, commerce and industries

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Implementation of MaintPlan CMMS for the Howe Slovensko s.r.o., that is an automotive leather interior supplier for luxurious brands as Land Rover, Audi or BMW.


Implementation of MaintPlan CMMS for the SEJONG Slovakia s.r.o. that is one of the market leaders in producing exhaust systems.


Implementation of MaintPlan CMMS for the LINAK Slovakia s.r.o., a leading expert in electric linear actuator systems for different business areas.


Implementation of MaintPlan CMMS for the company VOLZ Filters SK s.r.o., a company that is selling, developing and manufacturing  filter media and filter products.

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EasySoft is concerned with CRM and CMMS software developement and implementation.

Our goal is to become a sought-after, reliable and acknowledged partner for both Slovak and foreign companies that seek adequate software tools to support their business, marketing or maintenance processes.  

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