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Basic information about MaintPlan CMMS

MaintPlan CMMS is a software solution that brings you new ways to enhance maintenance and service management in your business or organization. For the technicians, MaintPlan is a helpful tool for planning and optimizing service activities, including the management of relations with suppliers and service companies. For the management, it is a source of transparent information about the structure of the devices in use and expenses related to their maintenance and repairs. A very important benefit is the monitoring of losses due to downtime and  analysis of the causes, which is one of the key factors when applying Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).


The main goal of MaintPlan is to help you manage the operation and maintenance of devices as efficiently as possible. One of the ways to increase your profits and success on the market is the lowering of maintenance expenses and losses due to downtime. MaintPlan provides you with key information about devices and service activities related to it, displayed in forms of tables or charts. The information is available from different viewpoints important for service management: by device, by location, by cost center, by supplier, etc. MaintPlan also allows you to keep a transparent register of suppliers and service companies, including communication history (phone calls, e-mails, etc.). The solution also includes document management, which allows simple access to reports, manuals, contracts, diagrams or other documents.



  • A transparent register of devices, including warranties, parts and suppliers
  • Active usage of barcodes, QR codes and NFC labels
  • Mobility – requests, work and checklists via mobile app MPMobile for smartphones and tablets
  • Tracking of repair and maintenance history
  • Cause analysis for failures and downtimes
  • Measuring of devices maintenance and repair expenses
  • Auto-generation of the preventive maintenance plan – planning calendar
  • Optimization of spare parts stocks
  • Creation of a knowledge database for problem solving
  • Notification of upcoming maintenance and assigned tasks
  • Specification of job instructions, measurements  and resource requirements (employees, spare parts, etc.)
  • Electronic checklists - instructions filled in directly via MPTerminal or MPMobile
  • SMS and email notifications, setting up escalation notifications
  • An unlimited number of user views, charts and templates
  • Analytical drill-down charts
  • Automatic reporting via emails

MaintPlan is designed for

  • Manufacturing companies and organizations
  • Users of transportation, construction or handling technologies
  • Users of other technologies or devices that require regular maintenance and service

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