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Basic information about Business Report CRM

Business Report is a software solution that brings you new ways to optimize and enhance your business, maintenance or marketing processes. For the top management, it is a source of information about the activities and efficiency of the business team, or about the stage of solving customer problems. For the dealers, marketing managers and technicians, it is a helpful tool when working with customers, business cases or service reports, thanks to quick access to important information from different sources, all in one place..


The main goal of Business Report is to help you manage business, marketing and maintenance processes in your company more productively. The solution provides you with key information about the outcomes of your business team‘s work. You gain a transparent view of all potential, open, closed and also unsuccessful business cases in form of tables or charts, including options to evaluate the information with relation to customer, dealer, product, sale channel etc. You can control the stages of solving customer requests or complaints in the service module. The application also allows you to keep track of communication with customers: meeting memos, e-mails, documents etc. Business Report will help you lead your business or service team more productively, build even better relations with your customers and thus help the success of your company on the market.



  • A transparent register of customers, business cases, service requests, documents, tasks and activities, all in one place
  • Tracking and evaluation of the business potential of your company
  • Monitoring and evaluation of service activities with relation to supplied devices
  • Coordination of business and maintenance activites, monitoring of assigned tasks and the stage of their fulfillment
  • Geomarketing – map views and analysis
  • Reporting via email – automatic generated and time-saver for employees or management
  • Simplification and automation of repetitive activities (mass correspondence, document creation from templates etc.)
  • Interchangeability of employees – protection from data loss
  • Alerts – notification about upcoming events or assigned tasks
  • Planning of selected indicators (e.g. revenues, amount of activities), monitoring of their fulfillment in various structures (e.g. period, company, division/department, employee)
  • Options of connection to various information systems
  • An unlimited number of user-set views, charts and templates
  • Analytical drill-down charts

Business Report is designed for

  • Suppliers of information and communication technologies  
  • Suppliers of transportation, construction or handling technologies 
  • Suppliers of electric or energetic devices
  • Suppliers of other technologies for manufacturing, services or business
  • Providers of services
  • Wholesalers, manufacturers, etc.

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