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An important part of supplying a solution are installation, configuration and training services, including support during the time period following the supply. After installation, we focus all our effort on the successful start and maximum utilization of the application. 

Requirements analysis and software customization  

We gather information to determine whether we can apply the standard version of the application, or if the solution requires customization. We analyze the impact of the application on the workflow and established processes in the company. If needed, the application can be modified according to the customer's demands.  

Technological infrastructure analysis  

Before the installation itself, we analyze the technologies used by the customer and, if needed, suggest changes in the technological infrastructure (computers, servers). We also determine the adequate means of data storage and archiving.    

Installation of the database and clients, access settings  

This includes the installation of the database and table configuration on the customer‘s server. The client-part of the application is installed as well. After that, the access rights to the application are configured according to the security model selected by the customer.  

Migration of data from other sources 

If the customer requests it, we can transfer data from other applications into the new system. If the data is consolidated (i.e. duplicates and errors have been removed from the data), data migration can help speed up the implementation of the system.  

Integration with other information systems

We try to concentrate all information into one place. Because of this, we analyze the possibilities how to integrate our solutions with other systems, used by the customer (invoicing, accounting, storage, etc.). To achieve this we use our special integration tool. We are able to access an unlimited amount of data from other systems through this tool.

Devising of work procedures 

A part of the supply is help with devising a methodology for the use of the application. A well devised methodology is crucial for the successful implementation of the software.  

User and administrator training 

In accordance with the methodology, user and administrator training is performed before the application is put into use. The software comes with user manuals in PDF.  

Startup and supervision

Software is put into use after the all above-mentioned procedures. Shortly after this, we perform audits to determine how effectively is the application being used. 

Hotline support, service and upgrades  

During the time specified in the contract, we provide hotline support, consulting or service for our customers in case of operation difficulties or failures. We perform most of our service activities through the  teamviewerQS software developed by TeamViewer

We also allow our customers to upgrade their software. The cost of new licenses is covered in the payments for annual support, service is paid according to the amount of work performed.

Development of custom modifications, or other customization of the software is also a part of our post-sale services.    

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